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Pixta AI solution
for Smart Home's Human behaviors

Use case

The customer is a multi-industry global corporation. Their R&D lab is among the leaders of AI & Machine Learning innovation in Japan and the world. As the smart home system development, they reach Pixta for data preparation of a human behavior estimation model.
Pixta works on selection & curation of 10,000 full-body human images from both photos and footages with annotation of 15 various pose & activity categories.


Pixta’s AI-know-how expert team approach the problem with computer vision powered method. Thanks to the well-trained model, full-body human images & videos has been filtered in no time among 100+ million visual data library of PixtaStock. Manual review is lessen to very efficient rate.


The dataset is delivered within committed time, in variety of human postures & activities with balance age, gender & lighting condition.


  • The customer is sure that the dataset delivered on time to match with their project schedule, without any concern regarding legality of human data.
  • To Pixta: Accuracy is maintained at 97% from planning to delivery, involve less human resource to fulfill the task.


Easy steps to annotate, curate & manage Computer Vision data.

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