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  • Are you expecting high accuracy for your model training?
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Our service helps corporates, startups, and institutes prepare optimal training data so that you can focus on what you best.

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High-quality, Cost-effective data at scale
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Our Training Data Preparation Service

We help corporates, startups, and institutes prepare optimal training data so that you can focus on what you do best and operate on a risk-free premise.

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Tailor-made datasets from our platform of 100,000,000 existing data, 300,000 data contributors, and advanced AI searching and labeling tools. Fully customized and optimized to meet strict business requirements and restraints.

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Off-the-shelf and semi-packaged datasets are ready to be acquired instantly or with minimal lead time. Simply view our samples, select interested collections, and kick-start your project within days. Save 80% of the acquisition process now!

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Ready-to-use datasets from our 100,000,000-scale data pool.

Pre-packaged datasets

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Custom Data Collection

Collect & label the datasets exactly as required.

Fully-managed, all-in-one solution

Data are sourced from our diverse platform of a 100,000,000-scale data library, 300,000 on-demand collectors and contributors, and AI-powered searching and crawling tools. 


Data are licensed and risk-free to use for development purposes.

Strict quality data at scale

Operating with 15 years of experience in processing visual data and strict quality assurance processes, datasets are delivered for high accuracy performance at any scale.

Rapid & flexible delivery

AI-powered search and human-in-the-loop labeling engines accelerate the process while dedicated curators work around the clock to optimize the project timeline.

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About us

PIXTA AI enables the accessibility and compliance of high-quality training data for computer vision projects.

PIXTA AI, a business of PIXTA Vietnam, is a subsidiary of PixtaStock - the world's largest Asian creative platform.

We inherit from PixtaStock 15 years of integrating AI into managing, curating, and processing over 100 million visual data and a vast network of data contributors.

The world's leading brands have trusted PIXTA AI to power their accurate and scalable models with better & safer data.

The PixtaStock’s office is located in Tokyo, Japan. The PIXTA AI’s office is located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our latest webinars on AI

Lipstick ain't enough: Beyond Color Matching for In-the-Wild Makeup Transfer

Makeup transfer is the task of applying on a source face the makeup style from a reference image. Real-life makeups are diverse and wild, which cover not only color-changing but also patterns, such as stickers, blushes, and jewelries. However, existing works overlooked the latter components and confined makeup transfer to color manipulation, focusing only on light makeup styles. In this work, we propose a holistic makeup transfer framework that can handle all the mentioned makeup components. It consists of an improved color transfer branch and a novel pattern transfer branch to learn all makeup properties, including color, shape, texture, and location. To train and evaluate such a system, we also introduce new makeup datasets for real and synthetic extreme makeup. Experimental results show that our framework achieves the state of the art performance on both light and extreme makeup styles.

Some smart features of monitor camera for dealing with COVID-19

Since the outbreak in early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a global problem and it still affects the economy as well as society in every country in the world. In this presentation, I propose the solution of Computer Vision, which can be integrated to monitor camera systems, for handling the Covid-19 pandemic situation. These smart features are separated into two main sections: processing face wearing masks and controlling social distance. From there, the proposed system will effectively support organizations to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image Aesthetics Assessment 

Automatic image aesthetics assessment is a computer vision problem dealing with categorizing images into different aesthetic levels. In this seminar, we will walk through the problem of assessing image aesthetics, how humans solve this task, and how machines mimic them to make decisions, in a similar fashion as humans. Furthermore, we will learn a bit more about current research around image aesthetics assessment, and conclude the seminar with a brief discussion about this topic.

Unusual Transformation: A Deep Learning Approach to Create Art

In this research, we proposed the concept of “unusual transformation,” which realizes transformation between two very different image sets as an extension of CycleGAN. CycleGAN is a new deep-learning-based AI technology that can realize transformation between two image sets. Although conventional CycleGAN researchers have tried transformation between two similar image sets, we applied CycleGAN to the transformation of two very different image sets such as between portraits photos and Ikebana or Shan-Shui paintings. Then to obtain a better result, we improved CycleGAN by adding a new loss function and developed “UTGAN (Unusual Transformation GAN).” We found that by using UTGAN, portrait photos and animal photos are transformed into Ikabana-like and Shan-Shui-like images. Then we carried out an analysis of the obtained result and made a hypothesis that the unusual transformation works well because both Ikebana and Shan-Shui are fundamental and abstracted expressions of nature. Also, we carried out various considerations to justify the hypothesis.

Data Synthesis Text-to-Image

Understand how the world plays with text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding by introducing Dalle-2 and Imagen that were build on the power of large transformer language models in understanding text and hinges on the strength of diffusion models in high-fidelity image generation. What a time to be alive.

Join us at our next webinars

Join us at our next webinars

Empower AI models with better, scalable and legal data at local cost


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