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PIXTA AI solution
for ADAS Driver monitor system

Use case

The customer is a multinational conglomerate for automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment manufacturing. They develop a Driver monitoring system to ensure safety while driving for end users. At the stage of deployment, they need quality visual data to verify accuracy of the system and enhance driver’s face orientation detection model.
PIXTA is required to curate 30,000 unique face IDs and perform Facial landmark annotation accordingly within 2 months.


As powered by an expert team with more than 6 years in solving real-world problems, PIXTA AI team apply computer vision model for data collection curation, sorting & making sure there’s no duplicate face IDs. Moreover, an AI-powered automated tool is created for automatic face cropping &  facial landmark processing at large scale.


The dataset is delivered on time at high accuracy, which contributes a big part to keep accuracy rate & confident level of the model at corresponding high level.


  • The customer could rest assured at all 3 pillars of AI development (Quality, Speed, & Legality) thanks to fully-managed service from Pixta.

  • To PIXTA: Internally, PIXTA ensures 50% performance efficiency up thanks to automated tool integrated combines with highly skilled human resource.



Easy steps to annotate, curate & manage Computer Vision data.

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