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Power AI applications in

Automotive Manufacture

Empower manufacture & maintenance workflow with the help of AI


Modern AI application to Automotive Manufacture

Automotive manufacturing assembly tasks require visual inspections to assure the product quality and process efficiency via visual defect detection, part inspection in the assembly lines and ergonomic risk assessment. Traditionally, visual inspection and quality control have been conducted manually, by trained operators. The artificial perception of computer vision systems is quickly rising in prominence as a result of the development of AI and automation technologies in manufacturing. Visual inspection duties can be carried out and assisted by AI models, with very little impact on the production environment.

Pixta AI empowers Automotive manufacture

PIXTA AI’s technology combines automated proactive learning and data processing capabilities with your highly qualified personnel in the loop for data validation in order to live up to these expectations. In other words, even in highly changeable and different settings, you may utilize your models to automatically annotate and process data straight from the assembly before editing in detail to increase accuracy by professional annotators. This process maximizes your model accuracy and saves you a lot of time and resources.

Pixta AI's use cases

visual defect detect_edited.jpg

Visual defect detection

movement tracking_edited.jpg

Quality assurance


Inventory management


Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Enterprise-level solutions

Ensure top-tier data quality standards for your organizations

Accelerate productivity effortlessly with fully-managed service


Up to 99.99% accuracy by strict QA process & 100% dedicated team ready for speed & scalability 


Security compliance for keeping your data safe which certified by world class systems


Unlimited warranty claim during inspection period with instant fix within 48 hours



Easy steps to annotate, curate & manage your Computer Vision data for Automotive Manufacture.

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