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Power AI applications in


Utilize AI & Computer Vision to enhance e-commerce experience & user safety.

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Modern AI application to E-commerce

Applications for computer vision are essential for enabling the adoption of AI in e-commerce. These applications can be used to optimize inventories, monitor product catalogs, curate recommendations, enable seamless visual search, and comprehend customer intent, providing benefits to both customers and retailers. By 2040, 95% of all purchases will happen online so the future of eCommerce is obviously full of bright and promising. E-commerce companies can utilize computer vision technology to come up with the best users’ solution and then personalize and customize items, at the best competitive prices.

Pixta AI empowers E-commerce innovation

PIXTA AI provides a broad range of multimodal computer vision annotation tools, in-cabin car collection, and NLP annotation services in order to live up to these expectations. To achieve high accuracy and scalability, our solution combines the greatest aspects of human and machine intelligence in our cutting-edge machine learning. This would maximize your model accuracy and saves you a lot of time and resources.

Pixta AI's use cases

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Visual Search

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Augmented Reality


Product recommendations


Inappropriate content detect

Enterprise-level solutions

Ensure top-tier data quality standards for your organizations

Accelerate productivity effortlessly with fully-managed service


Up to 99.99% accuracy by strict QA process & 100% dedicated team ready for speed & scalability 


Security compliance for keeping your data safe which certified by world class systems


Unlimited warranty claim during inspection period with instant fix within 48 hours



Easy steps to annotate, curate & manage your Computer Vision data for E-commerce.

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